Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Evalottafilms.com assists clients with all aspects of video production, from ideas to shooting and editing.

Having lived and worked internationally for many years, documentary DP Eva-Lotta Jansson collaborates with local and international organizations, conducting interviews in both Swedish and English.

Until recently, the photographer was based in South Africa for almost fifteen years, often  working with media and NGOs, travelling around Africa. (So you may also have seen her African photography website).

Eva-Lotta also worked as a journalist in the United States and the United Kingdom, and studied journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia School and photojournalism at the College of Printing in London.

Humanitarian and environmental rights, nature and water often feature in the photographer’s own work.

Eva-Lotta also enjoys assisting clients with creating video content that inspires conservation. Check out her Instagram account @evolottafilms

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